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Fig. 2

From: Adult porcine genome-wide DNA methylation patterns support pigs as a biomedical model

Fig. 2

CpG methylation in relation to genomic features across tissue types. a Average CpG methylation levels for various genomic features. CpG methylation levels in relation to (b) genic regions, (c) TSS, (d) CGI and CGS within gene bodies and up to 10 kb upstream of TSS. Average CpG density/100 bp bin in relation to (e) TSS and (f) CGI and CGS within gene bodies at 10 kb upstream of TSS. X axis represents distances in bp. g Cluster analysis based on methylation levels at all shared CpG sites, with red numbers indicating the approximately unbiased p-value, and green numbers indicating the bootstrap probability value. * denotes p-value < 0.001, ** denotes p-value < 1×10−10

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