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Fig. 4

From: Substantial genome synteny preservation among woody angiosperm species: comparative genomics of Chinese chestnut (Castanea mollissima) and plant reference genomes

Fig. 4

Topology of physical map ctg11956 and matches to peach scaffold 1. The physical map assembly of the ctg11956 is visualized as short, parallel blue lines representing individual BAC clones. The peach chromosomal segment, scaffold 1 from 294 kb to 361 kb, is represented as blue bar on the right with genes as small dark blue boxes. The alignment of the physical map contig to peach is based on sequence matches of two overgo probes: CCall_contig366_v2 (source of CmSNP00620) and CCall_contig3045_v2 (source of CmSNP00614), represented as green lines from the BACs with positive overgo probe hits to the sequence location on the peach segment. Additional supporting evidence is provided by aligned BAC end sequences (purple lines from individual BACs to peach)

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