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Table 4 KEGG pathways associated with SDE genes between liver samples from juvenile and laying hens

From: Transcriptome profile of liver at different physiological stages reveals potential mode for lipid metabolism in laying hens

Pathway code Term Genes P-value
gga00100 Steroid biosynthesis SOAT1, CYP51A1, DHCR7, LSS, HSD17B7, SC4MOL, NSDHL, DHCR24, FDFT1 5.61E-07
gga03320 PPAR signaling pathway SCD, PPARG, FADS2, DBI, APOA1, ACSL1, CYP7A1, FABP3, FABP1, FABP5, ACSL5, ACAA1, ANGPTL4 7.21E-04
gga00330 Arginine and proline metabolism ALDH7A1, ASL2, P4HA2, GATM, ASS1, GLUD1, MAOB, GAMT, AGMAT, PRODH 0.00128
gga01040 Biosynthesis of unsaturated fatty acids PECR, SCD, FADS1, ELOVL2, FADS2, ELOVL6, ACAA1 0.00144
gga00260 Glycine, serine and threonine metabolism GATM, BHMT, MAOB, GCAT, GAMT, PSAT1, GLDC 0.01192
gga00564 Glycerophospholipid metabolism GPD2, GPD1, PLA2G4A, DGKQ, PLA2G12A, GNPAT, ETNK2, PISD, GPAM, AGPAT2 0.02019
gga00620 Pyruvate metabolism ME1, LDHB, ALDH7A1, AKR1B1, PDHA1, ACSS2, PDHX 0.03314
gga00250 Alanine, aspartate and glutamate metabolism ASL2, ASS1, GLUD1, ABAT, GPT2, PPAT 0.03791
gga00380 Tryptophan metabolism KYNU, ALDH7A1, CYP1A1, MAOB, ACMSD, HAAO, AFMID 0.03816
gga00630 Glyoxylate and dicarboxylate metabolism HAO1, PGP, ACO1, AFMID 0.05155
gga00512 O-Glycan biosynthesis GALNT2, GALNT1, GALNT6, WBSCR17, GALNTL1, ST6GALNAC1 0.05928
gga00280 Valine, leucine and isoleucine degradation BCAT1, ALDH6A1, ALDH7A1, BCKDHB, ABAT, HIBADH, ACAA1 0.06290
gga02010 ABC transporters ABCG8, ABCG5, TAP2, ABCB6, ABCA3, ABCG1 0.09651