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Table 4 Genomic regions surrounding four significant SNPs

From: Genome-wide association study dissects genetic architecture underlying longitudinal egg weights in chickens

Tag SNP Chromosome Length of block (kb) SNP number in the block Nearest genea Ensembl gene ID Location (kb)b
rs14916609 GGA1 57.9 19 CAB39L ENSGALG00000017005 Intron
CDADC1 ENSGALG00000017004 Downstream_18.2
rs314058619 GGA1 4.4 2 FKHR (FOXO1) ENSGALG00000017034 Intron
rs316497033 GGA3 15.2 8 KCNG3 ENSGALG00000009919 Intron
rs14491030 GGA4 17.2 9 NCAPG ENSGALG00000014425 Exon 14
  1. aIdentification of the gene according to Ensembl genes database 76
  2. bDistance in kb of SNP for the gene