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Table 3 Cronobacter kps region 2 genes

From: Capsular profiling of the Cronobacter genus and the association of specific Cronobacter sakazakii and C. malonaticus capsule types with neonatal meningitis and necrotizing enterocolitis

Kps capsule type Kps region 2 gene Function Size (kb) GC content (%)
1 hyp1 Hypothetical protein 1.23 44.9
  espJ Glycosyltransferase I 3.78 42.8
  cps1 Capsular polysaccharide phosphotransferase 1.11 46.8
2 hyp2 Hypothetical protein 1.17 32.4
  epsH Glycosyltransferase II 2.28 34.7
  cps2 Capsular polysaccharide phosphotransferase 1.09 33.8