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Fig. 1

From: Genomic dissection of the 1994 Cronobacter sakazakii outbreak in a French neonatal intensive care unit

Fig. 1

Un-rooted radial whole genome maximum likelihood tree of 26 C. sakazakii strains isolated from French NICU outbreak, 1994. The genomes of 26 C. sakazakii strains approximately 4 million bp were aligned using Mugsy, core genome extracted and maximum likelihood phylogeny generated using RAxML using GTRGAMMA substitution model. The tree was viewed and annotated using FigTree and Microsoft PowerPoint (version 2013). The phylogeny indicated 4 distant clusters. Cluster 1: ST12 and PFGE1 (orange font colour), Cluster 2: CC4 and PFGE2 (red font colour), Cluster 3: CC13 and PFGE 3 (blue font colour), Cluster 4: CC1 and PFGE4 (purple font colour). The scale bar indicates the rate of nucleotide differences per sequence site

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