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Table 2 Genes identified in the G. barbadense mitochondrial genome

From: Rapid evolutionary divergence of Gossypium barbadense and G. hirsutum mitochondrial genomes

1. Complex I genes 6. Cytochrome c biogenesis genes 11. rRNA genes    trnP(TGG)
   nad1    ccmB    rrn5-1    trnM(CAT)-cp-1
   nad2    ccmC    rrn5-2 a    trnSup(TTA)-psu-2
   nad3    ccmFC    rrn18-1    trnD(GTC)-cp-2 a
   nad4-1    ccmFN    rrn18-2 a    trnI(TAT)
   nad4-2 a 7. Ribosomal proteins, LSU    rrn26-1    trnM(CAT)-cp-2
   nad4L    rpl2    rrn26-2    trnG(GCC)
   nad5    rpl5 12. tRNA-coding genes    trnQ(TTG)
   nad6    rpl10    trnH(GTG)-cp    trnP(TGG)-2
   nad7    rpl16    trnE(TTC)    trnF(GAA)-2
   nad9-1 8. Ribosomal proteins, SSU    trnC(GCA)    trnS(GCT)-2
   nad9-2 a    rps3    trnN(GTT)-cp  
2. Complex II genes    rps3-psu    trnY(GTA)  
   sdh3    rps4    trnM(CAT)  
   sdh4    rps7    trnM(CAT)-1  
3. Complex III gene    rps10    trnSup(TTA)-psu-1  
   cob    rps12    trnD(GTC)-cp-1  
4. Complex IV genes    rps14    trnK(TTT)  
   cox1 9. Maturase gene    trnS(TGA)  
   cox2    matR    trnM(CAT)-2  
   cox3 10. protein translocation system subunit gene    trnP(TGG)-1  
5. Complex V genes    mttB-1    trnF(GAA)-1  
   atp1-1    mttB-2 a    trnS(GCT)-1  
   atp1-2 a      trnS(GGA)-cp  
   atp4      trnW(CCA)-cp-1  
   atp6      trnD(GTC)  
   atp8      trnV(GAC)-cp  
   atp9      trnW(CCA)-cp-2  
  1. A total of 40 protein-coding genes, 6 rRNA-coding genes and 29 tRNA-coding genes were identified (excluding pseudogenes), in addition to 3 pseudogenes and 10 chloroplast-derived sequences. Genes present in duplicate are denoted with a hyphenated number (e.g., −1 or −2). a represents the second gene copy to G. barbadense