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Fig. 5

From: Changes in correlation between promoter methylation and gene expression in cancer

Fig. 5

Cluster 3up methylation is a predictive factor for survival of patients in breast cancer patients. Panel a Hierarchical clustering of breast cancer patients given the average methylation level of all the CGI + SS associated with cluster 3up. The row color bar represents the average methylation level for the same CGI + SS in healthy breast tissues. The column color bar gives clinical information about the patients such as ER and HER2 statuses (grey for negative and white for positive), survival information (white for positive overall survival within 5 years and red for death within 5 years). The top row of the column color bar represents the three classes distinguished by methylation profiles in cluster 3up (blue for cluster 3up “low”, green for cluster 3up “intermediate” and pink for cluster 3up “high”). Panel b Kaplan-Meier estimate of breast cancer patient survival given the cluster 3up class (blue for cluster 3up “low”, green for cluster 3up “intermediate” and pink for cluster 3up “high”) shows that cluster 3up “intermediate” patients have a significantly higher risk of death within 5 years than either cluster 3up “low” or “high” patients (Log-rank, p = 0.01)

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