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Table 2 GO terms associated with eggshell membrane formation

From: Identifying specific proteins involved in eggshell membrane formation using gene expression analysis and bioinformatics

  GO Terms Identified Genesa
Biological Process   
  GO:0055114 ~ oxidation reduction ALDH3A2, P4HA2, SORD, TXN
Molecular Function   
  GO:0043167 ~ ion binding EDEM1, SQSTM1, GCH1, ENO4, P4HA2, ANXA5, MBNL1, CHP1, CA5B, SLC39A13, LIMCH1, FBN1, ADAMTS1, NME2, TPD52, RCN2, NCS1, SORD, PDLIM1
  GO:0005509 ~ calcium ion binding FBN1, EDEM1, ANXA5, CHP1, TPD52, CN2, NCS1
Cellular Component   
  GO:0031012 ~ extracellular matrix FBN1, ADAMTS1, TGFB3, COL10A1
  GO:0005578 ~ proteinaceous extracellular matrix FBN1, ADAMTS1, COL10A1
  1. aGene IDs corresponding to transcripts associated with the eggshell membranes (Additional file 1)