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Table 1 The number of lncRNAs in different classes before and after filtering

From: Global identification and analysis of long non-coding RNAs in diploid strawberry Fragaria vesca during flower and fruit development

  Isoform Locus
Class-code Beforea Afterb Beforea Afterb
u (unknown or intergenic region) 7,203 3,763 4,726 2,575
o (overlapped with existed gene with a dramatic difference in gene structures) 5,125 625 2,824 464
x (overlapped with existed gene in an opposite direction) 2,658 1,471 1,438 902
i (located in introns) 41 25 40 24
Total 15,027 5,884 8,709c 3,862c
  1. Notes:
  2. aThe number of original isoforms and loci predicted by Cufflinks
  3. bThe number of lncRNAs after filtering
  4. c“Total” number is smaller than the sum of the column, because certain loci have multiple isoforms with different class codes