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Table 2 Identification of conserved lncRNAs in related species

From: Global identification and analysis of long non-coding RNAs in diploid strawberry Fragaria vesca during flower and fruit development

Number of Fve-lncRNAs with homologs in other species Number of Arabidopsis lncRNAs with homologs in other species Total lncRNAs in other species Other Species Reference for lncRNA-identification in other species
0/0 -/- 6,480 Arabidopsis Liu et al. [31]
0/0 0/0 2,492 Maize Boerner and McGinnis [30]
0/0 0/0 1,704 Maize (hc-lncRNAs) Li et al. [32]
1/1 5/27 18,459 Maize (pre-lncRNAs)
0/0 5/9 2,224 Rice Zhang et al. [35]
-/- 0/0 5,884 Fragaria vesca This wrok
49/37 2/2 4,301 Malus-unigene This work
19/7 0/0 1,315 Prunus-unigene This work
  1. Notes:
  2. Column 1 shows the number of Fve-lncRNAs with homologs in other (non-Fragaria) species listed in column 4. The number before ‘/’ refers to lncRNA number in Fragaria and the number after ‘/’ refers to the number of lncRNA in the target (non-Fragaria) species. The numbers in column 1 were derived from blast searches using strawberry lncRNAs as queries against the target species. The blast E-value cutoff is < 0.001. The second column shows results using Arabidopsis lncRNAs as queries against corresponding target species. No blast was performed against the query itself and hence was marked as ‘-/-’