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Table 4 Putative genes in the candidate region

From: Characterization and fine mapping of a novel barley Stage Green-Revertible Albino Gene (HvSGRA) by Bulked Segregant Analysis based on SSR assay and Specific Length Amplified Fragment Sequencing

Morex_contig FP_contig HC_genes_CDS Gene annotation
morex_contig_160711 contig_34437 AK249799.1 fructokinase-1-like (partial sequence)
morex_contig_244330 contig_34437 AK372445 cytochrome p450 (partial sequence)
morex_contig_67200 contig_34437 MLOC_75134.1 cytochrome p450 (full length)
morex_contig_1592730 contig_46434 AK356172 uncharacterized protein (partial sequence)
morex_contig_6591 contig_46434 AK369630 cbs domain containing protein (partial sequence)
morex_contig_138067 contig_46434 MLOC_6767.1 Laccase (full length)