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Table 1 YM001-specific genetic variations compared to HN016

From: Comparative genome analysis identifies two large deletions in the genome of highly-passaged attenuated Streptococcus agalactiae strain YM001 compared to the parental pathogenic strain HN016

YM001 position HN016 position Gene product Biological function Variation Effect on YM001 coding
Carbohydrate metabolism
 136826 142595 Fructose-bisphosphate aldolase Fructose and mannose metabolism SNV K259N substitution
 780441 786056 Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase Microbial metabolism in diverse environments and Carbon metabolism SNV I181I substitution
 868738 874444 UDP-N-acetylglucosamine 1-carboxyvinyltransferase Biosynthesis of the bacterial cell wall and is critical for bacterial survival SNV H126R substitution
 1403613 1420411 glycosyl transferase family 8 glycosyl synthesis SNV T383I substitution
 1534895 1551880 metallophosphoesterase hydrolysis of phosphate SNV Y64C substitution
Lipid metabolism
 1805677 1822388 Phosphatidate cytidylyltransferase Glycerophospholipid metabolism SNV P239L substitution
Nucleotide metabolism
 83930 89762 DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit alpha Primary transcript RNA production and RNA chains construction SNV V258A substitution
 192012 197717 DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit beta Primary transcript RNA production and RNA chains construction SNV P360A substitution
 1515764 1532749 Thymidylate kinase dTDP Biosynthesis SNV D35D substitution
Amino acid metabolism
 2033153 2049866 Arginine deiminase Acid tolerant SNV V362I substitution
Environmental information processing
 1858831 1875542 Sensor histidine kinase Peptidoglycan metabolism SNV R126H substitution
 393841 399503 Transcription elongation factor NusA RNA polymerase-associated protein SNV E116G substitution
 407665 413327 FUR family transcriptional regulator Peroxide stress response regulator SNV S42I substitution
 755561 761176 S1 RNA-binding protein Post-transcriptional control of RNAs SNV R460S substitution
 949470 955242 chloramphenicol acetyltransferase Hexapeptide repeat-containing transferase SNV G43Y substitution
 1264942 1270622 TetR family transcriptional regulator Transcriptional regulator SNV W122R substitution
 1967217 1983929 Arginine repressor ArgR Transcriptional regulator of arginine metabolism SNV 117-aa C-terminal deletion
DNA repair and recombination proteins
 1022277 1028049 DNA topoisomerase I Regulation of supercoiling and maintenance of genetic stability SNV T644K substitution
 253283 258943 amino acid ABC transporter permease Membrane transport SNV G147E substitution
297760..297761 303421 PTS system transporter subunit IIC Starch and sucrose metabolism Deletion 10-aa C-terminal extension,102-aa C-terminal deletion
 364407 370068 MarR family transcriptional regulator Regulate multiple antibiotic resistance and the oxidative stress response SNV H106N substitution
 970865 976637 Sugar ABC transporter permease simple sugar transport system permease protein SNV T5T substitution
 1635394 1652379 Multidrug transporter Drug efflux proteins SNV M126V substitution
 1663151 1680136 Glycerol uptake facilitator protein glycerol-uptake facilitator SNV I44I substitution
 1761614 1778325 PTS system ascorbate-specific transporter subunit IIC Microbial metabolism in diverse environments SNV D327J substitution
 1828308 1845019 PTS system transporter subunit IIB Galactose metabolism SNV M1T substitution
 2020460 2037173 Cobalt transporter ATP-binding subunit energy-coupling factor transport system ATP-binding protein SNV E79K substitution
Folding, sorting and degradation
 743279..743280 748941 Recombinase RecF Manipulate the structure of genomes Deletion 6-aa C-terminal extension,855-aa C-terminal deletion
Unknown function
 1271532..1271533 1277212 Hypothetical protein Unknown function Deletion Y63N substitution, 5-aa C-terminal extension,81-aa C-terminal deletion