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Table 2 Characteristics of sequenced S. agalactiae strains used in this study

From: Comparative genome analysis identifies two large deletions in the genome of highly-passaged attenuated Streptococcus agalactiae strain YM001 compared to the parental pathogenic strain HN016

Strain Serotype MLST types Accession Status Size (Mb) Number of genes Number of proteins Isolatehost Origin Virulence description
HN016 Ia ST-7 CP011325 Complete 2.065 2063 1943 Tilapia China virulent
YM001 Ia ST-7 CP011326 Complete 2.048 2044 1929 Tilapia China attenuated
A909 Ia ST-7 NC_007432 Complete 2.128 2136 1996 Human USA virulent
GD201008-001 Ia ST-7 NC_018646 Complete 2.063 2088 1964 Tilapia China virulent
ZQ0910 Ia ST-7 NZ_AKAP00000000 Scaffold 2.035 2003 1970 Tilapia China virulent
138P Ib unknown CP007482.1 Complete 1.839 1831 1593 Tilapia USA virulent
138spar Ib unknown CP007565.1 Complete 1.838 1825 1590 Tilapia USA attenuated
SA20-06 Ib ST-553 NC_019048 Complete 1.821 1872 1710 Tilapia Brazil virulent