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Table 1 Detoxification-related transcripts differentially expressed after IVM ingestion

From: Age and prior blood feeding of Anopheles gambiae influences their susceptibility and gene expression patterns to ivermectin-containing blood meals

Gene ID Description Function 2IVM:2BF FC 6IVM:6BF FC
AGAP011824 Thioredoxin peroxidase Reduction of H2O2 21.77 27.61
AGAP004382 Glutathione-S-transferase, delta 3 Conjugation of GSH to xenobiotics 3.62 -
AGAP006380 ABC transporter, subfamily A, member 3 Efflux pump 2.69 2.36
AGAP012296 Cytochrome P450 9 J5 Oxidation of toxic compounds 2.61 -
AGAP009463 ABC transporter, subfamily G, member 1 Efflux pump - −2.94
AGAP008219 Cytochrome P450 6Z1 Oxidation of toxic compounds - 2.92
AGAP009738 Glutaredoxin Redox homeostasis - 2.39
  1. Detoxification and oxidative-stress response related transcripts significantly differentially expressed upon IVM ingestion in both age groups