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Table 4 Immunity-related transcripts differentially expressed after IVM ingestion

From: Age and prior blood feeding of Anopheles gambiae influences their susceptibility and gene expression patterns to ivermectin-containing blood meals

Gene ID Description Family 2IVM:2BF FC 6IVM:6BF FC
AGAP010968 Clip-Domain Serine Protease (CLIPA9) CLIP 5.23 19.69
AGAP007142 Serine-type enodpeptidase SRP - 15.35
AGAP009217 Clip-Domain Serine Protease (CLIPB12) CLIP - 7.00
AGAP001199 serine protease SRP 7.12 5.70
AGAP011792 Clip-Domain Serine Protease (CLIPA7) CLIP - 2.64
AGAP005552 peptidoglycan recognition protein (Long) PGRP - 2.48
AGAP012247 phosphoserine phosphatase SC - 2.44
AGAP004918 fibrinogen FibR - 2.33
AGAP007386 C-Type Lysozyme LYS   2.29
AGAP003878 Leucine-rich repeat-transmembrane protein Anti-parasitic - 2.21
AGAP006416 Serine protease SP24D SRP - 2.14
AGAP003250 Clip-Domain serine protease (CLIPB4) CLIP - 2.08
AGAP008645 gambicin anti-microbial peptide AMP - 2.03
AGAP004916 Fibrinogen-related FibR - 2.02
AGAP009212 Serine Protease Inhibitor (serpin) SRPN - −2.06
AGAP012045 ATP-dependent RNA helixase DDX5/DBP2 Small RNA pathway 3.49 −2.06
AGAP003139 Serine Protease Inhibitor (serpin) SRPN - −2.17
AGAP001979 Class A Scavenger Receptor (SRCR domain) with Serine Protease domain. SR - −3.82
AGAP009509 60S ribosomal protein L9 Small RNA pathway 2.08 -
  1. Transcripts related to immunity significantly differentially expressed transcripts following IVM ingestion. Inclusion and family classifications based on data provided by the insect immunoDB database [108] and other publications. Descriptions in blue text were annotated based on BLASTp results (e-value ≤ 10−3) (Additional file 10)
  2. AMP anti-microbial peptide, CLIP clip-domain serine protease, FibR fibrinogen-related, LYSP lysozyme, PGRP peptidoglycan recognition proteins, SC signaling-cascade related, SR scavenger receptor, SRP serine protease, SRPN serine protease inhibitor