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Fig. 2

From: Identification, characterisation and expression analysis of natural killer receptor genes in Chlamydia pecorum infected koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus)

Fig. 2

Phylogeny of LRC-Ig like domains. Phylogeny of human (blue), mouse (cyan), opossum (green), devil (yellow) and koala (red) amino acid sequences of LRC Ig-like domains. Bootstrapped neighbour joining tree, with 1000 bootstrap resamplings. Bootstrap value greater than 50 % only are displayed. Human accession numbers [GenBank: NP_004820, NP_001991, NP_001077368, ABU62835, NP_037421, NP_002278, NP_001074919, NP_001124389, NP_006856, NP_067073, NP_006854, NP_006660, NP_005865, NP_006838, NP_036446, NP_036445, NP_055033, NP_056952, NP_036444, NP_996554]. Mouse accession numbers [GenBank: NP_001156486, NP_038560, NP_035217, NP_034876, NP_783440, NP_808417]. Opossum sequences obtained from IDMM ( Devil sequences obtained from [9]

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