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Table 3 Comparison of in silico and in vivo growth rates of S. limacinum

From: Reconstruction and analysis of the genome-scale metabolic model of schizochytrium limacinum SR21 for docosahexaenoic acid production

Media condition Growth rate (/h)
(mmol/gDW/h) In vivo In silico
glucose (v = 1.4) 0.0887 0.0812
glucose (v = 1.4, DHA production = 0.03) 0.0883 0.0738
glycerol (v = 1.6) 0.0620 0.0613
  1. In vivo: experimental results, In silico: simulation results. In vivo growth rate was calculated from the growth curve of S. limacinum. In silico growth rate was the solution of S (m × n) matrix, when the biomass function was used as objective function