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Table 1 Known Bovine miRNAs with Significant Changes in Exosome Content in Response to Infection

From: MicroRNA expression profiles of bovine milk exosomes in response to Staphylococcus aureus infection

miRNA name P Valuea Change Relative to Control Fold Change
bta-miR-142-5p 8.86E-08c UP 263
bta-miR-296-5p 6.70E-05 DOWN NDb
bta-miR-223 1.39E-04c UP NDb
bta-miR-1246 1.23E-03 UP 196
bta-miR-183 2.31E-03c UP 6
bta-miR-502b 8.84E-03 DOWN −13
bta-miR-378b 1.60E-02 DOWN −10
bta-miR-2285 g-3p 1.73E-02c DOWN −4
bta-miR-99a-5p 1.93E-02c UP 3
bta-miR-181b 2.25E-02 DOWN −3
bta-miR-101 2.73E-02c DOWN −3
bta-miR-10a 2.87E-02 UP 15
bta-miR-99b 3.66E-02 UP 3
bta-miR-2419-5p 4.86E-02 DOWN −3
  1. aP Value Determined by EdgeR Analysis of Upper Quartile Normalized Sequence Reads corresponding to Bovine miRNA Homolog Groups
  2. bbta-miR-296-5p was not present in infection samples and bta-miR-223 was not present in control samples
  3. cAlso significant by SOAP analysis