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Table 1 Differentially expressed genes that are involved in uptake of nitrogen compounds during nitrogen limitation

From: Defining the nitrogen regulated transcriptome of Mycobacterium smegmatis using continuous culture

Predicted transported substrate mc2155 locusa Expression ratiob FDRc Description
Amino acids msmeg_2525 13.18 8.41E-26 amino acid permease
  msmeg_2184 7.09 4.86E-11 amino acid permease
  msmeg_6735 6.11 1.56E-13 amino acid permease
  msmeg_2981 5.81 5.53E-29 branched-chain amino acid ABC transporter permease
  msmeg_1613d 4.88 3.38E-07 polar amino acid ABC transporter inner membrane protein
  msmeg_3231 2.16 1.80E-02 cysteine ABC transporter permease/ATP-binding protein
  msmeg_6876 2.14 9.32E-03 branched-chain amino acid transport ATP-binding protein
  msmeg_3203d 0.33 4.71E-05 transporter LysE family protein
Ammonium msmeg_4635 7.49 9.82E-37 ammonium transporter
  msmeg_6259 2.70 2.06E-04 ammonium transporter
  msmeg_2425 2.70 3.95E-11 ammonium transporter
Nucleotides msmeg_2570 6.79 4.33E-08 xanthine / uracil permease
  msmeg_5730 6.55 1.50E-26 permease for cytosine / purines / uracil / thiamine / allantoin
  msmeg_4011 6.30 2.56E-12 pyrimidine permease RutG
  msmeg_6660 4.22 1.88E-17 permease for cytosine / purines / uracil / thiamine / allantoin
  msmeg_1177 4.22 4.90E-08 cytosine / purines / uracil / thiamine / allantoin permease
  msmeg_1293 3.98 1.09E-17 xanthine / uracil permease
  msmeg_3402 2.23 3.57E-06 cytosine permease
Nitrate msmeg_0433 3.67 1.73E-04 nitrite extrusion protein
  1. aLocus number of gene in M. smegmatis mc2155
  2. bMean gene expression ratio of three biological replicates
  3. c P-values of gene expression ratio from three biological replicates were corrected for multiple testing using the Benjamini and Hochberg False Discovery Rate (FDR)
  4. dGenes in the nitrogen regulated transcriptome that were discovered in this study