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Table 3 Genes involved in regulatory mechanisms in response to nitrogen limitation in M. smegmatis mc2155

From: Defining the nitrogen regulated transcriptome of Mycobacterium smegmatis using continuous culture

mc2155 locusa Expression ratiob FDRc Description
msmeg_1082 7.04 1.06E-08 two-component regulator HTH luxR-type DNA binding domain
msmeg_3997 3.46 4.55E-15 regulatory protein
msmeg_5731 3.44 1.87E-07 GntR family transcriptional regulator
msmeg_1597 3.29 1.59E-14 transcription factor WhiB
msmeg_6236 3.27 1.32E-12 two-component system - regulatory protein
msmeg_6238 2.80 2.81E-10 two-component system - sensor kinase
msmeg_2427 3.19 2.01E-14 PII uridylyl-transferase
msmeg_2426 2.18 5.48E-07 nitrogen regulatory protein PII
msmeg_4006 3.11 1.56E-08 CdaR family transcriptional regulator
msmeg_4368 3.11 1.49E-13 regulatory protein - FmdB family
msmeg_3297 2.78 1.21E-05 CadC family transcriptional regulator
msmeg_3298 2.36 4.75E-03 response regulator receiver domain-containing protein
msmeg_6198 2.41 1.85E-05 DNA-binding protein
msmeg_6824 2.16 1.03E-02 MarR family transcriptional regulator
msmeg_0778 2.11 1.33E-02 transcriptional regulator
msmeg_1420 2.07 1.46E-02 transcriptional regulatory protein
msmeg_5673 0.49 9.39E-05 transcriptional regulator
msmeg_3177 0.49 4.19E-02 transcriptional regulatory protein
msmeg_4394 0.48 5.57E-04 LysR family transcriptional regulator
msmeg_6789 0.45 2.14E-02 GntR family transcriptional regulator
msmeg_0473 0.38 2.21E-04 LuxR family transcriptional regulator
msmeg_5987 0.35 9.99E-03 two-component regulator
msmeg_6555 0.33 6.11E-07 TetR family transcriptional regulator
msmeg_0051 0.31 1.59E-05 transcription factor WhiB family protein
msmeg_1953 0.27 1.77E-06 transcription factor WhiB
msmeg_0622 0.19 4.57E-08 DNA-binding protein
  1. Bold: within GlnR regulon; Italic: differentially expressed in the same direction in batch culture versus continuous culture; Underlined: inversed expression in batch culture versus continuous culture
  2. aLocus number of gene in M. smegmatis mc2155
  3. bMean gene expression ratio of three biological replicates
  4. c P-values of gene expression ratio from three biological replicates were corrected for multiple testing using the Benjamini and Hochberg False Discovery Rate (FDR)