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Table 1 Potential W box containing genes in module 5 that were directly connected to PviWRKY29 and PviWRKY97 through co-expression analysis. Switchgrass gene ID, number of putative W boxes, the highest blast match to A.thaliana and functional description are given

From: The WRKY transcription factor family and senescence in switchgrass

Gene ID No. W Box Best match Function description
Pavir.J02056 1 AT2G26190 calmodulin-binding family protein
Pavir.Da01490 2 AT5G47750 D6 protein kinase like 2
Pavir.J40688 1 AT4G39150 DNAJ heat shock N-terminal domain protein
Pavir.J24695 1 AT1G78060 Glycosyl hydrolase family protein
Pavir.Bb00101 2 AT4G05190 kinesin 5
Pavir.J13678 3 AT3G09220 laccase 7
Pavir.Cb01890 3 AT5G49760 Leucine-rich repeat protein kinase family
Pavir.Fa01734 3 AT1G56130 Leucine-rich repeat transmembrane kinase
Pavir.Fb01478 3 AT1G78130 Major facilitator superfamily protein
Pavir.J34655 1 AT2G37770 NAD(P)-linked oxidoreductase superfamily
Pavir.J38308 1 AT2G37770 NAD(P)-linked oxidoreductase superfamily
Pavir.Eb02929 1 AT5G11670 NADP-malic enzyme 2
Pavir.Ib03917 4 AT5G08030 PLC-like phosphodiesterases superfamily
Pavir.Ab01298 3 AT3G02040 senescence-related gene 3
Pavir.Da00281 3 AT2G20850 STRUBBELIG-receptor family 1
Pavir.Ba02108 2 AT2G01770 vacuolar iron transporter 1
Pavir.Cb01458 1 N/A N/A
Pavir.J21234 1 N/A N/A
Pavir.J09086 2 N/A N/A