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Table 8 Origin of P. aeruginosa strains used in this analysis

From: Genotypic and phenotypic analyses of a Pseudomonas aeruginosa chronic bronchiectasis isolate reveal differences from cystic fibrosis and laboratory strains

P. aeruginosa strain Disease isolate Genome Status Serotypea Accession # Reference
PAHM4 Chronic bronchiectasis Draft nt O13 AYSZ01000000 This study
PAO1 Wound Complete O5 NC_002516.2 [123]
PA14 Burn Complete O10 NC_008463.1 [171]
PA7 Wound Complete O12 NC_009656.1 [85]
PA2192 Cystic fibrosis Complete nt O1 NZ_AAKW00000000 [169]
LESB58 Cystic fibrosis Complete nt O6 NC_011770.1 [172]
NCMG2.S1 Urinary tract infection Complete O11 NC_017549.1 [173]
C3719 Cystic fibrosis Complete O3 NZ AAKV00000000 [169]
Serotype O13    O13   G.B. Pier
  1. a nt non-typable