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Table 1 Significantly enriched TU-tagged genes

From: Identification of sensory hair-cell transcripts by thiouracil-tagging in zebrafish

Gene name Ensembl ID Fold Enrich. P-adj Mouse Homolog (SHIELD FDR) Zfish expression
otof b ENSDARG00000020581 4.14 2.72E-09 Otof (5.58e-12) Ear, NM
tmc2a ENSDARG00000033104 7.29 1.96E-05 Tmc2 (0.466) Ear [30]
pcsk5a ENSDARG00000067537 3.65 1.96E-05 Pcsk5 (0.843) Ear, NM [26]
s100s ENSDARG00000036773 3.55 2.17E-05 S100a1 (1.03e-6) Ear, NM [27, 28]
cd164l2 ENSDARG00000096327 5.03 3.99E-05 Cd164l2 (1.51e-11) Ear, NM
slc17a8 ENSDARG00000057728 4.64 5.21E-05 Slc17a8 (9.06e-7) Ear, NM [29]
STRC ENSDARG00000078845 6.36 6.90E-05 Strc (2.58e-10) Ear
tekt3 ENSDARG00000045038 6.72 1.19E-04 Tekt3 (0.035) Ear, NM
anxa5a ENSDARG00000026406 3.65 1.60E-04 Anxa5 (0.102) Ear, NM
myo1ha ENSDARG00000061968 6.33 1.14E-03 Myo1h (na) Ear, NM
cabp2b ENSDARG00000052277 4.42 2.58E-03 Cabp2 (5.96e-16) Ear, NM [23]
CR293520.1 ENSDARG00000088059 6.29 3.27E-03 Strc (2.58e-10) NM
baiap2l2 ENSDARG00000060933 5.90 3.27E-03 Baiap2l2 (0.099) Ear, NM
myo15ab ENSDARG00000078474 4.36 3.72E-03 Myo15 (6.65e-6) Ear, NM
si:dkey-229d2.6 ENSDARG00000095684 17.53 4.73E-03 No homolog ND
si:rp71-68n21.12 ENSDARG00000077382 4.82 6.04E-03 Hcn4 (0.488) Ear, NM
myo6b ENSDARG00000042141 2.57 6.04E-03 Myo6 (5.68E-04) Ear, NM [24, 25]
si:dkeyp-110e4.11 ENSDARG00000071585 4.27 6.70E-03 Stard10 (1.08e-5) Ear, NM
si:dkey-229d2.7 ENSDARG00000092460 21.65 8.55E-03 Kif5b (0.356) Ear
GPR113 (2 of 2) ENSDARG00000093008 2.89 8.76E-03 Gpr113 (0.771) Taste buds
CD37 ENSDARG00000075515 7.63 1.13E-02 Cd37 (0.912) Ear, NM
CR391998.1 ENSDARG00000091817 2.76 1.17E-02 No homolog ND
GPX2 ENSDARG00000089149 6.58 1.30E-02 Gpx2 (2.15e-10) Ear
dnajc5b ENSDARG00000058147 6.11 2.07E-02 Dnajc5b (7.73e-10) Ear, NM
FAM188B2 ENSDARG00000069867 7.11 2.25E-02 Fam188b2 (na) Ear, NM
CABZ01086597.1 ENSDARG00000088304 2.88 2.25E-02 No homolog ND
chrna9 ENSDARG00000054680 4.23 4.05E-02 Chrna9 (2.73e-15) Ear, NM
s100t ENSDARG00000055589 2.33 4.05E-02 S100a1 (1.03e-6) NM [27, 28]
  1. DEseq analysis of the TU-tagged and input RNA seq read count values revealed 28 candidate hair cell-expressed genes. For each gene, the level of enrichment relative to the input and the adjusted p-value (P-adj) are indicated. Mouse homologs were identified by Ensembl database queries or BlastP similarity. For each mouse gene, the False Discovery Rate (FDR) from the SHIELD database is provided, low values indicating enriched expression in mouse hair cells. Tissue expression of the zebrafish genes is summarized in the last column. Expression patterns are described in this paper unless otherwise noted. Abbreviations: NM neuromast, ND not done