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Table 2 List of loci identified as associated with Hyper-invasive C. jejuni isolates

From: Genetic import and phenotype specific alleles associated with hyper-invasion in Campylobacter jejuni

Locusa Putative functionb BLAST identity results
Cj0151_00022 Hypothetical Low identity across Campylobacter genus
ruvC ribonuclease Central portion unique
Cj0151_00042 acetyltransferase No orthologs found
flgD Flagella apparatus Central portion unique
flgL Flagella apparatus N terminal unique
flgE Flagellar hook protein Central portion unique
Cj0151_00110 Hypothetical No Orthologs found
hpaIIM Methylase No Orthologs found
Cj0151_00252 Hypothetical Low identity across Campylobacter genus
Cj0151_00465 Hypothetical Orthologs in C. coli and Helicobacter spp.
Cj0151_00778 Manosyltransferase Low identity across Campylobacter genus
fabH_1 Oxo-acyl synthase Single ortholog in C. coli
Cj0151_00944 Putative meticillin resistance High identity across Campylobacter genus
Cj0151_00976 Hypothetical Single ortholog in C. coli
ugd Glucose dehydrogenase No orthologs found
Cj0151_01062 Cj1136 LPS biosynthesis Unique acetyl transferase domains
Cj0151_01198 Hemerythrin protein Single ortholog in C. coli
fhaA – fhaB Filamentous haemagglutinin Low identity orthologs in C. coli and C. fetus
CdtA_2 – Cj0151_01598 Putative CDT operon Orthologs to cdt operon of C. lari and C. doylei
CjEX114_01633 Nucleotide mutase Single ortholog in C. coli
Cj0151_01634 Capsule sugar transferase Low identity to C. lari ortholog
  1. aCDS are annotated according to the genome annotation of our improved quality draft genome of isolate Cj0151
  2. bPutative function is that ascribed to the CDS by Pfam and BLASTx searches