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Table 3 Nucleotide variants in the mitogenomes of three full siblings of A. charrua

From: First complete mitochondrial genome of the South American annual fish Austrolebias charrua (Cyprinodontiformes: Rivulidae): peculiar features among cyprinodontiforms mitogenomes

#position Gene Variant and total reads per individual Nucleotide change Ts or Tv #codon Codon change Aminoacid change Effect
4105 ND2   2/167   C to A Tv 22 TCG to TAG Ser to STOP Nonsense
5690 COI 2/74    T to A Tv 75 ATT to AAA Ile to Met Non-synonymous
6245 COI 2/153 3/171   C to A Tv 260 TAC to TAA Tyr to STOP Nonsense
7561 COII   2/109   G to T Tv 131 GGC to GTC Gly to Val Non-synonymous
10220 ND3 2/151    A to G Ts 109 CAA to CAG Gln to Gln Synonymous
11804 ND4 2/151    G to T Tv 401 GGG to GGT Gly to Gly Synonymous
12505 ND5   2/191   T to C Ts 103 TCT to CCT Ser to Pro Non-synonymous
12764 ND5   2/108   C to T Ts 189 GCC to GCT Ala to Ala Synonymous
12962 ND5   2/85   G to T Tv 255 AGC to ATC Ser to Ile Non-synonymous
15735 Cytb 44/93 35/90 15/53 T to C Ts 368 TTT to CTT Phe to Leu Non-synonymous
  1. Reads were mapped against the reference genome AUS7. The number of reads carrying the variant is shown together with total number the reads mapping to each position (variant reads/total reads)