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Table 1 List of different Pfam- and other profile families used to search RBPs from P. falciparum along with corresponding number of genes found in P. falciparum

From: A bioinformatic survey of RNA-binding proteins in Plasmodium

RNA-binding domain (number of families) Pfam id Pfam id description Number of corresponding genes in P. falciparum
RRM (8 families) PF00076 RRM_1 55
  PF04059 RRM_2 1
  PF08777 RRM_3 0
  PF10598 RRM_4 1
  PF13893 RRM_5 8
  PF14259 RRM_6 10
  PF10378 RRM 0
  PF05172 Nup35_RRM 0
  PF10567 Nab6_mRNP_bdg 0
  PF14605 Nup53/35/40-type RNA recognition motif 0
RNA Helicases PF00271 Helicase conserved C-terminal domain 63
  PF00270 DEAD helicase 51
  PF12513 Mitochondrial degradasome RNA helicase subunit C terminal 1
K Homology PF00013 KH_1 (type I) 5
  PF07650 KH_2 (type II) 1
  PF13014 KH_3 0
  PF13083 KH_4 0
  PF13184 KH_5 0
  SSF54791 Eukaryotic type KH_domain I 9
  SSF54814 Prokaryotic type KH_domain II 2
Pumilio Homology Domain PF00806 Pumilio 2
Alba PF01918 Alba 6
C2H2 zinc finger PF12171 zf-C2H2_jaz 2
  PF12756 zf-C2H2_2 1
  PF00641 zf-RanBP 1
  PF12874 zf-met 1
  PF12108 SF3a60_bindingd 1
  SM00355/SM00184 ZnF_C2H2/ Zinc finger, RING-type 4
  PS50157 ZINC_FINGER_C2H2_2 2
  PF00096 zf-C2H2 1
  PF06220 zf-U1 1
  PS50157 C2H2 type domain 1
  PF12171 zf-C2H2_jaz 2
C3H1 PF08772 NOB1_Zn_bind 1
  PF00642 zf-CCCH 2
  SM00356 Zinc finger 8
  PS50103 ZF_C3H1 9
PWI PF01480 PWI domain 3
S-1 like PF00575 S-1 4
SURP PF01805 Surp module 2
G-patch PF01585 G-patch 3
YTH PF04146 YT521-B-like domain 2
PUA SSF88697 PUA domain 5