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Table 3 The frequencies of occurrence of RRM in single, modular and multi-domain organization in P. falciparum

From: A bioinformatic survey of RNA-binding proteins in Plasmodium

Single RRM (28 genes) PF3D7_1367100, PF3D7_0923900, PF3D7_0503300, PF3D7_1002400, PF3D7_1224900, PF3D7_0515000, PF3D7_0319500, PF3D7_0415500, PF3D7_0615700
PF3D7_0815600, PF3D7_0933000, PF3D7_1024200, PF3D7_1207500, PF3D7_1320900, PF3D7_1406000, PF3D7_1131000, PF3D7_1360100, PF3D7_0812500, PF3D7_0623400, PF3D7_1310700, PF3D7_1317300, PF3D7_1110400, PF3D7_1330800, PF3D7_0416000, PF3D7_0205700, PF3D7_1445600, PF3D7_1139100, PF3D7_1126800
Two RRM (21) PF3D7_0414500, PF3D7_0920900, PF3D7_0935000, PF3D7_1306900, PF3D7_0629400, PF3D7_0517300, PF3D7_1004400, PF3D7_1119800, PF3D7_1006800, PF3D7_1022400, PF3D7_0916700, PF3D7_1420000, PF3D7_1020000, PF3D7_0728900, PF3D7_0606100, PF3D7_1107100, PF3D7_1405900, PF3D7_0723900, PF3D7_0929200, PF3D7_1022000, PF3D7_1326300
Three RRM (4) PF3D7_1468800, PF3D7_1360900, PF3D7_1321700, PF3D7_1405900
Four RRM (2) PF3D7_0606500, PF3D7_0716000
Five RRM (1) PF3D7_1217200
RRM + ZnF (2) PF3D7_1248200, Pf3D7_1244400
Znf + RRM + Znf (3) PF3D7_1119300, PF3D7_0603100, PF3D7_1353400
RRM + SWAP + RPR (1) PF3D7_1402700
RRM + WW + RRM (2) PF3D7_1236100, PF3D7_0823200
Two RRM + WW + RRM (2) PF3D7_1409800, PF3D7_1359400
Four RRM+ Poly(A) (1) PF3D7_1224300
RRM + G patch (1) PF3D7_1454000
RRM + RING finger (1) PF3D7_1235300, PF3D7_1132100
Prp8 Multidomain (single RRM) (1) PF3D7_0405400
RRM + WD40 (1) PF3D7_0405400
RRM + PWI (1) PF3D7_0610200
  1. Blue , pink and green boxes are used to denote transmembrane, low complexity, and coiled-coil regions respectively