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Table 8 The inferred contents of exosomes, P -bodies, and stress granules in Plasmodium species. The composition of RNA granules in Plasmodium was inferred by conducting BLASTp queries using the amino acid sequences of components of exosomes, P bodies, and stress granules from model organisms (D. melanogaster, S. cerevisiae, C. elegans) against known and predicted Plasmodium amino acid sequences. Other Plasmodium proteins that traffic to granules, but that cannot be definitively placed in a currently annotated granule type, are listed separately. Gene identifiers for these proteins for three commonly studied malaria species (P. falciparum, P. vivax, P. yoelii) were obtained from

From: A bioinformatic survey of RNA-binding proteins in Plasmodium

Exosome P. falciparum Gene ID P. vivax Gene ID P. yoelii Gene ID
Csl4 PF3D7_0720000 PVX_096320 PY17X_0620200
Rrp4 PF3D7_0410400 PVX_000730 PY17X_1009400
Rrp40 PF3D7_1307000 PVX_122185 PY17X_1407200
Rrp41 PF3D7_1427800 PVX_085150 PY17X_1018300
Rrp42 PF3D7_1340100 PVX_082925 PY17X_1358900
Rrp45 PF3D7_1364500 PVX_115185 PY17X_1141800
Rrp6 PF3D7_1449700 PVX_118000 PY17X_1317200
Rrp44/Dis3 PF3D7_1359300 PVX_114935 PY17X_1137100
Mpp6 (Accessory) PF3D7_0928900 PVX_099895 PY17X_0833000
RNaseII PF3D7_0906000 PVX_098745 PY17X_0418100
P Bodies P. falciparum Gene ID P. vivax Gene ID P. yoelii Gene ID
BRF1 PF3D7_1449300 PVX_118025 PY17X_1316800
NOT1 PF3D7_1103800 PVX_090876, PY17X_0945600
HCCR4-Like PF3D7_0519500 PVX_080270 PY17X_1237700
CAF1 PF3D7_0811300 PVX_123205 PY17X_1428300
CNOT3 PF3D7_1006100 PVX_094500 PY17X_1207500
CNOT2 PF3D7_1128600 PVX_092050 PY17X_0921700
CNOT4 PF3D7_1235300 PVX_100715 PY17X_1452400
ABCA10 PF3D7_1434000 PVX_084835 PY17X_1012400
NOT9 PF3D7_0507600 PVX_097940 PY17X_1108300
NOTx PF3D7_1417200 PVX_085590 PY17X_1027900
DCP1 PF3D7_1032100 PVX_111120 PY17X_0517000
DCP2 PF3D7_1308900 PVX_122275 PY17X_1409100
EIF3 PF3D7_0517700 PVX_080365 PY17X_1235900
eIF4E PF3D7_0315100 PVX_095480 PY17X_0415700
eIF4G PF3D7_1312900 PVX_122470 PY17X_1413100
eRF1 PF3D7_0212300 PVX_002915 PY17X_0309700
eRF3 PF3D7_1123400 PVX_091785 PY17X_0926900
LSM1 PF3D7_1124400 PVX_091835 PY17X_0925900
LSM2 PF3D7_0520300 PVX_080230 PY17X_1238500
LSM3 PF3D7_0819900 PVX_089370 PY17X_0711100
LSM4 PF3D7_1107000 PVX_091025 PY17X_0942400
LSM5 PF3D7_1443300 PVX_118325 PY17X_1311000
LSM6 PF3D7_1325000 PVX_116625 PY17X_1344900
LSM7 PF3D7_1209200 PVX_084490 PY17X_0610100
Pab1 PF3D7_1224300 PVX_123845 PY17X_1441700
Rpb4 PF3D7_1404000 PVX_086235 PY17X_1040500
Rbp7 PF3D7_1104700.1, PVX_090915 PY17X_0944700
Sbp1 PF3D7_0501300 PVX_097583  
Upf1 PF3D7_1005500 PVX_094465 PY17X_1206900
Upf2 PF3D7_0925800 PVX_099705 PY17X_0829900
Upf3B PF3D7_1327700 PVX_116495 PY17X_1347600
XRN1 PF3D7_1106300 PVX_098910 PY17X_0943100
RBP1 PF3D7_0414500 PVX_089680 PY17X_0716700
DCS2 PF3D7_1436900 PVX_084695 PY17X_0614400
APOBEC3G PF3D7_1349400 PVX_083365 PY17X_1367900
Stress Granules P. falciparum Gene ID P. vivax Gene ID P. yoelii Gene ID
Ataxin-2 PF3D7_1435700.1 PVX_084750 PY17X_1010700
eIF4E PF3D7_0315100 PVX_095480 PY17X_0415700
Rpb4 PF3D7_1404000 PVX_086235 PY17X_1040500
SMN PF3D7_0323500 PVX_095050 PY17X_1218200
eIF4A PF3D7_1468700 PVX_117030 PY17X_1336600
PABP PF3D7_1224300 PVX_123845 PY17X_1441700
eIF2 PF3D7_0322400 PVX_095115 PY17X_1219300
Other? P. falciparum Gene ID P. vivax Gene ID P. yoelii Gene ID
RAP55 (CITH) PF3D7_1474900 PVX_118625 PY17X_1304900
RCK/p54 (DOZI) PF3D7_0320800 PVX_095195 PY17X_1220900
Puf2 PF3D7_0417100 PVX_089945 PY17X_0719200
ALBA1 PF3D7_0814200 PVX_123060 PY17X_1425300
ALBA2 PF3D7_1346300 PVX_083215 PY17X_1364900
ALBA3 PF3D7_1006200 PVX_094505 PY17X_1207600
ALBA4 PF3D7_1347500 PVX_083270 PY17X_1366000