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Table 3 GO enrichment of DMR-associate genes

From: Genome-wide DNA methylome variation in two genetically distinct chicken lines using MethylC-seq

Gene ontology (GO) term P-value for enrichment
Neuron differentiation 3.60E-04
Immunoglobulin domain 6.80E-04
Cell morphogenesis involved in differentiation 7.20E-04
Phosphate metabolic process 8.00E-04
Immune effector process 1.20E-03
Nucleoside binding 1.40E-03
Leukocyte mediated immunity 1.60E-03
Cellular component morphogenesis 2.10E-03
Enzyme activator activity 2.40E-03
Organelle lumen 3.00E-03
  1. Promoter and gene body methylation level were calculated separately