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Table 2 Unique sequences in the targeted interval harbouring the Qcrs.cpi-3B locus

From: Fine mapping of a large-effect QTL conferring Fusarium crown rot resistance on the long arm of chromosome 3B in hexaploid wheat

Gene/sequences Putative function
TRAES3BF024600100CFD_c1 Disease resistance-responsive family protein
TRAES3BF279000170CFD_c1 Disease resistance rpp13-like protein 3-like
TRAES3BF279000190CFD_c1 Disease resistance protein rga2
TRAES3BF279000200CFD_c1 Disease resistance rpp13-like protein 3-like
TRAES3BF279000210CFD_c1 Disease resistance rpp13-like protein 2-like
TRAES3BF279000290CFD_c1 NBS-LRR resistance partial
contig_11 Disease resistance protein rpm1
contig_55 Disease resistance protein rga4
contig_118 Disease resistance protein rga4
Ta#S32545039a AP3-complex subunit beta-A-like
Ta#S18011610a Metallothionein
Ta#S26024264a Unknown
Ta#S16266522a Unknown
Ta#S37789723a Unknown
Ta#S32500938a Gibberellin 2-beta-dioxygenase 8-like
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