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Table. 3 Associations between the skin microbiota and SNPs of targeted human genes after adjustment for age and gender

From: Genetic associations and shared environmental effects on the skin microbiome of Korean twins

Bacteria Marker Associated gene Chromosome Chromosome position Minor allele MAFa βb 95 % CI P-value FDR_BH LDA effect sizec
Skin barrier function            
Corynebacterium jeikeium rs6996321 FLG 8 38441503 T 0.4545 −0.5174 −0.8929, −0.1418 0.00017 0.03383 3.37707
  1. The direction of the β value in Table 2 indicates the positive or negative association between the minor allele and the bacteria
  2. aMinor allele frequency
  3. bRegression coefficient
  4. cLinear discriminant analysis effect size assessed using the LEfSe (LDA coupled with effect size measurements) software