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Table 3 List of the sex associated known miRNAs

From: Deep sequencing of small RNA facilitates tissue and sex associated microRNA discovery in zebrafish

Male Brain Female Brain Male Gut Female Gut Male Liver Female Liver Testis Ovary
dre-miR-133c dre-miR-96 dre-miR-2190 dre-miR-34c dre-miR-7a dre-let-7a dre-let-7a dre-miR-18a
dre-miR-190b    dre-miR-122 dre-miR-9-5p dre-let-7b dre-let-7c dre-miR-18b-3p
dre-miR-375    dre-miR-148 dre-miR-129-5p dre-let-7f dre-let-7d dre-miR-19a-3p
dre-miR-499    dre-miR-430a dre-miR-130c dre-let-7g dre-let-7f dre-miR-19a-5p
dre-miR-726    dre-miR-430b dre-miR-138 dre-let-7h dre-let-7g dre-miR-19b-3p
dre-miR-735    dre-miR-430c dre-miR-196a dre-miR-15a-5p dre-let-7j dre-miR-27c-3p
dre-miR-738     dre-miR-196b dre-miR-16a dre-miR-7a dre-miR-34a
dre-miR-2190     dre-miR-196c dre-miR-16b dre-miR-16b dre-miR-34b
     dre-miR-196d dre-miR-17a-5p dre-miR-92a dre-miR-34c
     dre-miR-203a dre-miR-34c dre-miR-92b dre-miR-122
     dre-miR-203b-3p dre-miR-148 dre-miR-96 dre-miR-126a-3p
     dre-miR-203b-5p dre-miR-152 dre-miR-125a dre-miR-126b-3p
     dre-miR-205 dre-miR-430a dre-miR-125b dre-miR-135a
     dre-miR-725 dre-miR-430b dre-miR-132-3p dre-miR-135c
     dre-miR-738 dre-miR-430c dre-miR-132-5p dre-miR-146a
     dre-miR-2190 dre-miR-456 dre-miR-150 dre-miR-184
      dre-miR-458 dre-miR-153a dre-miR-192
      dre-miR-729 dre-miR-196a dre-miR-194a
       dre-miR-196b dre-miR-194b
       dre-miR-196c dre-miR-200a
       dre-miR-196d dre-miR-203a
       dre-miR-212 dre-miR-206
       dre-miR-460-3p dre-miR-216a
       dre-miR-489 dre-miR-218a
       dre-miR-499 dre-miR-430a
       dre-miR-723-3p dre-miR-430b
       dre-miR-735 dre-miR-430c
       dre-miR-2187-5p dre-miR-459-3p
       dre-miR-2189 dre-miR-459-5p
  1. The liver had the highest number of sex associated miRNAs (34). The sex associated miRNAs are placed into two separate columns for the male and female counterparts, representing the male/female tissue in which it is up-regulated. Highlighted in bold font are the common sex associated miRNAs in at least three comparisons