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Table 1 Significantly regulated (KEGG) Pathways in different culture models of C. burnetii

From: Major differential gene regulation in Coxiella burnetii between in vivo and in vitro cultivation models

Pathway ID Pathway m vs. cc p1 vs cc p2 vs. cc cf vs cc
  Metabolic pathways     
cbu00230  Purine metabolism 5.20E-18* 2.00E-01 5.40E-06* 1.10E-12*
cbu00010  Glycolysis/Gluconeogenesis 1.00E-13* 3.80E-03* 1.50E-07* 1.50E-07*
cbu00190  Oxidative phosphorylation 3.10E-10* 2.40E-01 1.90E-02* 1.30E-01
cbu00240  Pyrimidine metabolism 5.20E-06* 9.80E-03* 1.80E-08* 5.60E-05*
cbu00564  Glycerophospholipid metabolism 1.80E-05* 6.30E-02 6.00E-02 6.80E-02
cbu00020  Citrate cycle (TCA cycle) 9.20E-04* - 3.40E-02* 5.30E-02
cbu00071  Fatty acid metabolism 3.10E-03* - - -
cbu00061  Fatty acid biosynthesis 3.20E-03* 1.40E-02* 7.40E-02 7.90E-02
  Biosynthesis of secondary metabolites     
cbu00900  Terpenoid backbone biosynthesis 2.80E-05* - - -
cbu00780  Biotin metabolism 1.00E-04* 1.00E-03* 2.30E-03* 2.40E-06*
cbu00730  Thiamine metabolism 6.10E-04* 7.90E-03* 9.80E-03* 1.30E-05*
  Biosynthesis of amino acids     
cbu00400  Aromatic amino acids biosynthesis 8.40E-08* - - -
cbu00250  Alanine, aspartate and glutamate metabolism 3.40E-05* - 2.30E-02* 1.20E-03*
cbu00260  Glycine, serine and threonine metabolism 2.20E-04* 1.60E-04* 2.30E-06* 1.10E-04*
cbu00540  Lipopolysaccharide biosynthesis 5.40E-10* 2.80E-04* 3.70E-05* 1.90E-04*
cbu03070  Bacterial secretion system 7.40E-08* 6.90E-02 - 1.30E-03*
  Repair mechanisms     
cbu03430  Mismatch repair 7.90E-13* - 3.60E-06* 1.50E-17*
cbu03410  Base excision repair 1.00E-07* - 3.40E-02* 2.50E-05*
cbu03420  Nucleotide excision repair 8.00E-07* - - 4.50E-02*
cbu00550  Peptidoglycan biosynthesis 4.00E-13* - - 3.30E-03*
cbu02010  ABC transporters 1.00E-04* - 4.00E-02* 1.10E-03*
cbu02020  Two-component system 3.50E-03* - - -
  1. The P value (adjusted by Benjamini-Hochberg method) of regulated pathway is shown for each comparison of 602 strain. Significant pathways (p < 0.05) are depicted with *. In vivo (m = Mice spleen), cell culture (cc), cell-free adapting phase passage 1 (p1), cell-free adapting phase passage 2 (p2), cell-free culture model (cf)