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Table 4 Classification of S. pomifera CYPs according to their corresponding FPKM values produced by the RSEM software. The annotation of transcripts was kindly provided by Prof. David Nelson. All transcripts are full length unless otherwise stated; (cv) or (pv): complete or partial variant of the transcript

From: Combined metabolome and transcriptome profiling provides new insights into diterpene biosynthesis in S. pomifera glandular trichomes

S. pomifera transcript Annotation Clan FPKM
Unigene29490 CYP76AH24 ortholog CYP71 2026.30
CL5059.Contig1 CYP76AK6 CYP71 1892.16
Unigene22114 CYP71BE52 CYP71 1746.15
CL528.Contig2 CYP716A96 (cv1) CYP85 1326.01
Unigene69 CYP86A92 ortholog CYP86 868.07
Unigene2012 CYP71D455 CYP71 791.26
Unigene5951 CYP73A120 ortholog CYP71 760.08
Unigene32156 CYP93B25 ortholog CYP71 721.56
CL2814.Contig2 CYP77A27-28 hybrid CYP71 566.95
Unigene11611 CYP716A97 partial CYP85 451.34
Unigene33285 CYP94A49 ortholog partial CYP86 328.35
Unigene29149 CYP71D456 partial CYP71 264.95
Unigene24154 CYP76G16 ortholog CYP71 204.79
CL1793.Contig2 CYP79D48 CYP71 188.15
CL2247.Contig3 CYP96A107 partial CYP86 182.21
CL2814.Contig1 CYP77A28 ortholog CYP71 171.95
CL2247.Contig1 CYP96A85.1 CYP71 154.99
CL5680.Contig2 CYP98A75 ortholog CYP71 150.89
CL648.Contig4 CYP76AH26 (pv1) CYP72 124.85
Unigene27048 CYP82AL1 CYP71 115.16
CL9797.Contig1 CYP72A401 CYP71 92.27
CL4391.Contig1 CYP79D49 CYP74 74.64
Unigene31529 CYP71AU53 ortholog CYP71 66.61
CL4021.Contig1 CYP74B21 ortholog (cv1) CYP71 61.60
Unigene10824 CYP736A169 CYP72 58.17
CL8816.Contig2 CYP92B28 ortholog CYP85 57.09
Unigene24932 CYP714G14 CYP71 56.05
CL3375.Contig3 CYP728D17 ortholog (cv1) CYP71 55.01
Unigene28763 CYP75B79 ortholog CYP85 54.06
CL528.Contig1 CYP716A96 (pv2) CYP71 52.8
CL3177.Contig1 CYP71A64 hybrid (pv1) CYP71 45.13
Unigene22595 CYP716C12 ortholog CYP71 44.40
Unigene389 CYP84A61 ortholog CYP86 41.33
Unigene26013 CYP89A115 ortholog CYP72 40.45
CL67.Contig1 CYP84A60 ortholog CYP71 34.61
CL3177.Contig2 CYP71A64 hybrid (pv2) CYP86 31.75
CL9546.Contig1 CYP94C54 ortholog CYP51 29.89
Unigene32931 CYP72A395 ortholog CYP71 28.49
CL2274.Contig2 CYP81Q43 ortholog (cv1) CYP71 28.22
CL8694.Contig1 CYP704A98 ortholog partial CYP71 20.77
CL2247.Contig2 CYP96A85.2 CYP72 20.69
CL8331.Contig1 CYP51G1 ortholog partial CYP97 20.68
Unigene30171 CYP71AT90 ortholog CYP71 20.04
CL4021.Contig2 CYP74B21 ortholog (pv2) CYP71 19.61
CL3621.Contig2 CYP76AH25 partial CYP86 19.39
CL8143.Contig2 CYP76A35 ortholog (pv1) CYP86 18.07
Unigene1656 CYP82U4 ortholog CYP71 16.82
Unigene29994 CYP749A50 partial CYP97 16.71
CL3665.Contig1 CYP97A41 ortholog partial CYP72 15.83
CL913.Contig1 CYP71CS1 (GenBank: KT157039) CYP71 15.75
CL2521.Contig1 CYP71A63 CYP71 14.63
CL2494.Contig1 CYP704A99 ortholog CYP71 14.34
CL2454.Contig1 CYP94A48 ortholog partial CYP72 11.90
CL3408.Contig2 CYP71AU68 (pv1) (GenBank: KT157040) CYP72 10.53
CL3375.Contig2 CYP728D17 ortholog (pv2) CYP72 9.83
CL9797.Contig2 CYP72A326 ortholog (pv1) CYP71 9.69
CL4235.Contig2 CYP81B62 ortholog (pv1) CYP85 9.68
Unigene29321 CYP97B34 ortholog CYP71 9.04
CL2274.Contig1 CYP81Q43 ortholog (pv2) CYP71 8.92
CL3449.Contig2 CYP714P1 (pv1) CYP71 8.11
CL5917.Contig1 CYP81B77 CYP85 7.24
CL4235.Contig3 CYP81B62 ortholog (cv2) CYP86 6.95
CL5645.Contig2 CYP76B64 (pv1) CYP71 6.07
CL5645.Contig1 CYP76B64 (pv2) CYP71 5.65
CL8094.Contig1 CYP72A400 CYP71 4.76
CL3449.Contig1 CYP714P1 (pv2) CYP71 4.35
CL3408.Contig1 CYP71AU68 (pv2) CYP85 3.26
CL2016.Contig4 CYP72A393 ortholog (pv1) CYP86 3.23
CL3361.Contig1 CYP749A49 partial CYP71 3.17
CL648.Contig3 CYP76AH26 (pv2) CYP71 2.99
CL2016.Contig3 CYP72A393 ortholog (pv2) CYP71 1.85
CL8143.Contig1 CYP76A35 ortholog (cv2) (GenBank: KT157043) CYP86 1.71
CL9797.Contig3 CYP72A326 ortholog (pv2) CYP71 1.51
CL908.Contig1 CYP707A102 ortholog partial CYP71 0.79
CL3449.Contig3 CYP714P1 (pv3) CYP72 0.02
CL648.Contig1 CYP76AH26 (pv3) CYP71 0.00
CL648.Contig2 CYP76AH26 (pv4) CYP71 0.00
Unigene34025 CYP76AH26 (pv5) CYP71 0.00
Unigene34026 CYP76AH26 (pv6) CYP71 0.00
Unigene34027 CYP76AH26 (pv7) CYP71 0.00
Unigene34028 CYP76AH26 (pv8) CYP71 0.00