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Fig. 2

From: High transcript abundance, RNA editing, and small RNAs in intergenic regions within the massive mitochondrial genome of the angiosperm Silene noctiflora

Fig. 2

mRNA-seq read depth in some of the chromosomal regions containing annotated pseudogenes. Coverage estimates (in terms of average read depth) are based on a sliding window with a window size of 100 bp and a step size 50 bp for the average of two replicates of mitochondrial-enriched libraries. Coverage values are only reported for the coding strand. a the annotated rps3 pseudogene on chromosome 47; (b) the duplicated copy of the 3’-end of atp6 preceded by a 729-bp ORF on chromosome 38 (note that this region is also duplicated on chromosome 57); (c) the annotated rpl5 pseudogene on chromosome 24 containing internal nonsense and frame-shift mutations (Additional file 1: Figure S4). The brown shading indicates the boundaries of the pseudogenes and the ORF, and the gray arrows indicate the orientation of the coding strand

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