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Table 1 Summary of 18 lists of genes altered ≥ 2.0-fold from jejunum, ileum and colon after exposure to 6.7-Gy and 7.4-Gy TBI. Available in Additional file 1

From: Gene expression profiling in non-human primate jejunum, ileum and colon after total-body irradiation: a comparative study of segment-specific molecular and cellular responses

Time points Jejunum Ileum Colon
6.7 Gy_4d 767 (478-up, 289-down) 256 (141-up, 115-down) 1306 (640-up, 666-down)
6.7 Gy_7d 561 (206-up, 355-down) 208 (71-up, 137-down) 420 (196-up, 224-down)
6.7 Gy_12d 409 (155-up, 254-down) 622 (362-up, 260-down) 454 (278-up, 176-down)
7.4 Gy_4d 638 (456-up, 182-down) 743 (468-up, 275-down) 2574 (1263-up, 1311-down)
7.4 Gy_7d 417 (162-up, 255-down) 261 (71-up, 190-down) 104 (47-up, 57-down)
7.4 Gy_12d 488 (248-up, 240-down) 520 (226-up, 294-down) 539 (366-up, 173-down)
  1. Note: The number outside the parenthesis is the total number of genes with mRNA level altered ≥ 2.0-fold. Number in the parenthesis is the number genes with mRNA level up-regulated or down-regulated ≥ 2.0-fold