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Table 1 Heritability, sex, and age effects for trabecular traits

From: Collaborative cross mice in a genetic association study reveal new candidate genes for bone microarchitecture

Trait H2 logP Sex effect Sex logP Age effect Age logP
BV/TV 0.63 15.00 0.65 2.30 0.57 3.80
Tb.N 0.71 15.00 0.72 5.00 - -
Tb.Th 0.56 11.00 0.56 0.04 0.01 15.00
Conn.D 0.67 15.00 0.70 8.58 - -
  1. The Heritability (H2), sex, and age effects and their respective significance (given as logP = -log10(P value)). Note that except for BV/TV, age effect is negligible, although the statistic is high for Tb.Th; this is due to the low variability of the age when compared to the high variability of Tb.Th. When values for both age effect and its respective P-value are absent both were low