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Table 2 List of novel “Telo + site II” ncRNAs

From: Promoter-based identification of novel non-coding RNAs reveals the presence of dicistronic snoRNA-miRNA genes in Arabidopsis thaliana

IDa Coordinatesb Strand Copiesc EST/MPSS RNA-Seq Tissue Homologyd
ncR30 Chr1:471418..471193 reverse 1 EL289958 SRR420813 seedlings, roots,
ncR33 Chr1:6700408..6700704 forward 2(1) EL057995 GSM800621 seedlings, roots,, B.ra
ncR34 Chr1:9925561..9925850 forward 1 EL068915 GSM893120 seedlings, flowers
ncR36 Chr1:29342637..29342731 forward 2(2) EL217991 GSM800621 seedlings
ncR40 Chr2:3416235..3416396 forward 2(2) EG424594 GSM893120 mixtures, flowers,, B.ra
ncR41 Chr2:8932605..8932664 forward 1 EH901141 GSM881679 seedlings, leaves
ncR42 Chr2:10463806..10464094 forward 1 EG501397 SRR505745 mixtures, flowers, B.ra
ncR43 Chr2:14879905..14880181 forward 2(2) EL282638 GSM800621 seedlings, roots
ncR45 Chr3:1429026..1429094 forward 1 EH795486 / seedlings, roots
ncR46 Chr3:6000458..6000378 reverse 1 EL131833 / seedlings
ncR47 Chr3:8900985..8901049 forward 1 EH809410 SRR505744 seedlings, leaves
ncR49 Chr3:19219613..19219701 forward 2(1) EL055437 GSM869251 seedlings, flowers, B.ra
ncR50 Chr4:9948779..9948834 forward 1 EL266852 GSM385393 seedlings, siliques,, B.ra
ncR51 Chr4:13350013..13350417 forward 1 EH846374 SRR1184187 seedlings,, Bra
ncR52 Chr5:3784963..3784812 reverse 1 EH955479 SRR420815 seedlings, roots /
ncR53 Chr5:9386367..9386269 reverse 4(2) EL145385 GSM575247 seedlings, flowers
  1. aID shown in bold was verified by RT-PCR in this study
  2. bTermini estimated based on deep sequencing data, along with cDNA/EST/MPSS sequences
  3. cNumbers within parentheses denote copies also containing Telo-box/site II elements
  4. dConservation anA.lysis were performed in Arabidopsis lyrata (, Capsella rubella (, Brassica rapa (B.ra), Medicago truncatula ( and Oryza sativa (