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Table 4 GO terms showing over-representation amongst genes differentially expressed in YAC128 compared with WT striata

From: Similar striatal gene expression profiles in the striatum of the YAC128 and HdhQ150 mouse models of Huntington’s disease are not reflected in mutant Huntingtin inclusion prevalence

ID Term FDR p Count Global
Genes down in YAC128    
GO:0007186 G-protein coupled receptor protein signaling pathway 2.65E-12 155 1616
GO:0007165 Signal transduction 9.18E-12 256 3253
GO:0003008 System process 1.05E-09 147 1624
GO:0007600 Sensory perception 1.45E-07 125 1364
GO:0007608 Sensory perception of smell 1.26E-06 104 1098
GO:0050801 Ion homeostasis 1.47E-04 34 239
GO:0050789 Regulation of biological process 2.26E-04 379 6038
GO:0055082 Cellular chemical homeostasis 2.35E-04 32 221
GO:0042391 Regulation of membrane potential 7.05E-04 20 105
GO:0007154 Cell communication 2.58E-02 24 218
GO:0019226 Transmission of nerve impulse 3.42E-02 10 39
Genes up in YAC128    
GO:0019884 Antigen processing and presentation of exogenous antigen 1.74E-02 8 26
  1. The full list of differentially expressed genes between genotypes is given in Table S3 and the full pathway analysis in Table S4. Count is total number of significantly differentially expressed probesets in that GO category and Global is the total membership of that GO category.