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Table 1 Date, location and source of P. fluorescens strains

From: Comparative genomics of Pseudomonas fluorescens subclade III strains from human lungs

Isolate ID Isolation Date Isolation Location Isolation Source
AU2989 4/4/01 Hartford, CT CF Throat Swab, Adult
AU6026 7/28/03 Seattle, WA CF Sputum, Adult
AU10973 4/6/06 Salt Lake City, UT CF Sputum, Adult
AU11518 7/12/06 Hartford, CT CF Sputum, Infant
AU14440 10/19/07 Little Rock, AR CF Sputum, Adult
AU14705 11/13/07 Augusta, GA CF Sputum, Adult
AU14917 1/11/08 Little Rock, AR CF Sputum, Adult
  1. Date, location and source of clinical P. fluorescens subclade III strains. The newly sequenced strains were isolated over a seven year period, between March 2001 and Janurary 2008. Isolation occurred at five different hospitals across the United States. Each strain was isolated from a separate patient with CF