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Table 3 Secondary metabolite genes and gene clusters in subclade III strains

From: Comparative genomics of Pseudomonas fluorescens subclade III strains from human lungs

  Antibiotics Siderophores Exoenzymes Plant-Bacterial Communication
DAPG HCN Phenazine Pyrrolnitrin Rhizoxins Pyoluteorin Mupirocin Pyoverdine Pseudomonine Enantio-pyochelin Achromobactin Hemophore Chitanse AprA Pectate Lyase IAA Biosynthesis IAA Catabolism PAA catabolism ACC deaminase 2,3-bd biosynthesis Acetoin catabolism (LP) Acetoin catabolism (DP)
Human-associated Isolates AU2989         X       X         X
AU6026         X      X X         X
AU10973         X       X         
AU11518         X       X         X
AU14705         X X*    X X X         
AU14917         X     X X X         
Environment-associated Isolates SBW25 UM         X       X X        
P.fluorescens SBW25         X       X X        
P.fluorescens A506         X X     X X         X
P. fluorescens SS101         X     X X X         X
P. synxantha BG33R1         X X*    X X X    X      
  1. The presence or absence of a gene or gene cluster within each sequenced genome. The nucleotide sequence for the gene(s) involved in the biosynthesis of each secondary metabolite was used to query each genome with the BLASTn function provided by NCBI. The chosen query nucleotide sequence for each gene is detailed in Additional file 4: Table S4. A ‘Yes’ destination corresponds to a BLASTn hit with an e value <1×1015 and query and sequence identity >70%. The asterisk (*) indicates that one gene within the gene cluster fell below the cutoff