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Table 1 Genomic DNA inserts from strain ISA1307 genomic library required for acetic acid tolerance containing the putative ORFs for which weak or no homology with S. cerevisiae genes was found. Information about other ORFs present in the same DNA insert is provided, as well as the best blast hits and the predicted functional and transmembrane domains of the corresponding protein

From: Search for genes responsible for the remarkably high acetic acid tolerance of a Zygosaccharomyces bailii-derived interspecies hybrid strain

DNA insert ORFa ORFs in the same inserta Best blast hits Functional domains Transmembrane domains
3.13 (4069 bp) ZBAI_06221 (40 %) ZBAI_06218 (47 %) Glutathione S-transferase from Macrophomina phaseolina (charcoal rot fungus) and putative uncharacterized proteins from Torulaspora delbrueckii and several fungi. Domains related with the Glutathione S-transferase family. In particular, the portion which is present in the DNA library fragment possesses a C-terminal alpha helical domain of the GST family. -
18.9 (4511 bp) ZBAI_03403 ZBAI_03401 (28 %) Two putative uncharacterised proteins, one from Z. rouxii and the other from T. delbrueckii. - -
ZBAI_03404 (30 %)
E13 (4470 bp) ZBAI_09903 ZBAI_09904 Putative and described pyruvate decarboxylases from other yeasts and several other different organisms. Pyrimidine binding domain (PYR) of pyruvate decarboxylase. -
ZBAI_09904 ZBAI_09903 Weak similarities with several helicase-like proteins encoded by the Y’ element of subtelomeric regions from S. cerevisiae and S. kudriavzevii. Domain characteristic from DNA and RNA helicases. -
S06 (4413 bp) ZBAI_02295 ZBAI_02296 Similarities with hypothetical proteins from Z. rouxii, most of them being uncharacterised and others sharing some homology with membrane proteins from DUP240 and DUP380 gene families, such as COS8, COS9 and YHL044W. Domain related with DUP family, which consists of several yeast proteins of unknown functions. 1
ZBAI_02296 ZBAI_02295 Weak similarities with several hypothetical proteins from Z. rouxii which present no similarity with proteins from other species. PRK15313 domain related to autotransport protein MisL (provisional). 4
V14 (2907 bp) ZBAI_09508 ZBAI_09509 (99 %) Putative uncharacterised proteins mainly from other yeasts, such as Z. rouxii, T. delbrueckii and Lachancea thermotolerans species, and fungi. Zinc-finger related domains. -
  1. aPercentage of nucleotides present in the truncated ORFs, compared with the total ORF sequence, is indicated in parentheses