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Table 1 Terms enriched in the autosomal ASE genes

From: A Bayesian approach for estimating allele-specific expression from RNA-Seq data with diploid genomes

Category Term Count P-value Bonferroni
SP_PIR Polymorphism 787 9.7E-8 5.2E-5
UP_SEQ Sequence variant 808 1.1E-7 3.2E-4
SP_PIR Alternative splicing 599 1.6E-6 8.6E-4
SP_PIR Glycoprotein 231 1.8E-6 9.7E-4
UP_SEQ Extracellular 159 9.0E-7 2.7E-3
SP_PIR Signal 170 1.0E-5 5.6E-3
UP_SEQ Splice variant 597 2.4E-6 7.3E-3
  1. SP_PIR: SwissProt Protein Information Resource Keyword. UP_SEQ: UniProt Sequence Feature