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Table 1 Mycobacterial database species

From: MycoBASE: expanding the functional annotation coverage of mycobacterial genomes

Species Strain Abbreviation Source Genes Reference
M. abscessus sub. abscessus ATCC 19977 MAB TBDB 4942 [40]
M. tuberculosis H37Rv MTB NCBI 4018 [16]
M. bovis AF2122/97 MBOVIS TBDB 3920 [41]
M. avium 104 MAV TBDB 5120 [42]
M. abscessus sub. massiliense a CRM0020 CRM NCBI 4750 [43]
M. abscessus sub. massiliense a CCUG48898 MMAS NCBI 5193 [44]
M. abscessus sub. bolletii CIP108541 MBOL NCBI 4923 [45]
M. leprae TN1 MLEPRAE TBDB 1605 [21]
M. intracellulare ATCC 13950 MINT NCBI 5144 [46]
M. kansasii ATCC 12478 MKAN NCBI 5449 unpublished
M. smegmatis MC2 155 MSMEG TBTB 6716 unpublished
  1. Species in the initial release of the database that contain both functional and GO term annotation data. a Subspecies massiliense is currently listed as subspecies bolletii in NCBI; however, the classification is still being debated and the distinction between massiliense and bolletii has clinical importance [47]