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Table 4 Gene enrichment comparisons

From: MycoBASE: expanding the functional annotation coverage of mycobacterial genomes

Genome1 Genome2 Gene difference Enriched GO terms Type
MAB MSMEG 1774 1-35 Different
MAB MKAN 507 52-1 Different
MSMEG MLEP 5111 15-270 Different
MTB MAB 924 48-15 Different
MTB MSMEG 2698 74-37 Different
MTB MLEP 2413 0-26 Different
MTB MKAN 1431 59-0 Different
MAB MMAS 251 0-0 Same
MAB MBOL 19 0-0 Same
MAB CRM 192 0-0 Same
MMAS MBOL 270 0-0 Same
MTB MBOV 98 0-0 Same
  1. Both genomes were compared against each other. The gene difference is the difference in the total number of genes between genomes. Enriched GO terms are the number of enriched terms in Genome1 over Genome2 “-” Genome2 over Genome1. If the type is different, then there was either a difference in pathogenicity, slow or fast grower, or the genomes come from different clades