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Table 2 Regions or single markers in Glyma1.01 that required re-positioning or reorientation based upon marker orders supported by both or either the W82 x PI79752 and/or the Essex x W82 mapping data

From: Construction of high resolution genetic linkage maps to improve the soybean genome sequence assembly Glyma1.01

First marker in the interval Last marker in the interval Comment Supporting map data
SNP ID Chromosome Physical position SNP ID Chromosome Physical position
BARC_1.01_Gm02_22523407_T_C Gm02 22,523,407 BARC_1.01_Gm02_22917212_A_G Gm02 22,917,212 Move to Gm15 WP and EW
BARC_1.01_Gm02_26182810_A_G Gm02 26,182,810 BARC_1.01_Gm02_27329992_A_G Gm02 27,329,992 Move to Gm13 WP and EW
BARC_1.01_Gm02_43000450_C_T Gm02 43,000,450 BARC_1.01_Gm02_43043202_A_C Gm02 43,043,202 Re-orient WP and EW
BARC_1.01_Gm03_5530681_A_G Gm03 5530681 BARC_1.01_Gm03_6597027_G_A Gm03 6597027 Re-orient WP and EW
BARC_1.01_Gm04_29510350_C_A Gm04 29,510,350 BARC_1.01_Gm04_29566738_A_G Gm04 29,566,738 Re-orient and move to Gm18 WP and EW
BARC_1.01_Gm05_8031928_A_C Gm05 8,031,928 BARC_1.01_Gm05_9066302_T_C Gm05 9,066,302 Move to top of chromosome WP and EW
BARC_1.01_Gm05_9616597_C_T Gm05 9,616,597 BARC_1.01_Gm05_16324558_C_T Gm05 16,324,558 Re-orient WP and EW
BARC_1.01_Gm05_16504006_C_T Gm05 16504006 BARC_1.01_Gm05_20385655_G_T Gm05 20385655 Re-orient WP and EW
BARC_1.01_Gm05_38634602_T_C Gm05 38,634,602 BARC_1.01_Gm05_41919487_G_T Gm05 41,919,487 Re-orient WP and EW
BARC_1.01_Gm07_10457480_C_A Gm07 10,457,480 BARC_1.01_Gm07_14773717_G_T Gm07 14,773,717 Re-orient WP and EW
BARC_1.01_Gm09_37436031_A_C Gm09 37,436,031 BARC_1.01_Gm09_37478410_A_G Gm09 37,478,410 Re-orient WP and EW
BARC_1.01_Gm10_14435077_T_C Gm10 14,435,077 BARC_1.01_Gm10_27968025_A_C Gm10 27,968,025 Re-orient WP and EW
BARC_1.01_Gm11_37808033_A_G Gm11 37,808,033 BARC_1.01_Gm11_39163663_A_G Gm11 39,163,663 Re-orient WP and EW
BARC_1.01_Gm12_18007551_G_T Gm12 18,007,551 BARC_1.01_Gm12_18239449_G_A Gm12 18,239,449 Move to Gm04 WP and EW
BARC_1.01_Gm13_5491_A_G Gm13 5,491 BARC_1.01_Gm13_20223181_A_G Gm13 20,223,181 Re-orient WP and EW
BARC_1.01_Gm13_35242360_T_C Gm13 35,242,360 BARC_1.01_Gm13_35307167_A_G Gm13 35,307,167 Move to Gm09 WP and EW
BARC_1.01_Gm15_10351491_G_T Gm15 10,351,491 BARC_1.01_Gm15_10427384_A_G Gm15 10,427,384 Move and Re-orient WP and EW
BARC_1.01_Gm15_36006344_T_C Gm15 36,006,344 BARC_1.01_Gm15_38303424_T_C Gm15 38,303,424 Move and Re-orient WP and EW
BARC_1.01_Gm17_9749711_A_G Gm17 9,749,711     Move to Gm10 WP and EW
BARC_1.01_Gm18_24754213_G_T Gm18 24,754,213 BARC_1.01_Gm18_27432506_A_G Gm18 27,432,506 Move to Gm04 WP and EW
BARC_1.01_Gm19_12811558_G_A Gm19 12811558 BARC_1.01_Gm19_17460363_C_A Gm19 17460363 Re-orient WP and EW
BARC_1.01_Gm20_10352781_A_G Gm20 10,352,781 BARC_1.01_Gm20_19781743_T_C Gm20 19,781,743 A number of changes needed WP and EW
BARC_1.01_Gm01_16580419_T_G Gm01 16580419 BARC_1.01_Gm01_17671586_G_A Gm01 17671586 Re-orient WP
BARC_1.01_Gm02_27407299_A_G Gm02 27407299 BARC_1.01_Gm02_29498377_C_T Gm02 29498377 Re-orient WP
BARC_1.01_Gm03_16199297_C_T Gm03 16199297 BARC_1.01_Gm03_22901336_G_T Gm03 22901336 Re-orient WP
BARC_1.01_Gm04_34743951_T_C Gm04 34743951 BARC_1.01_Gm04_33785067_T_C Gm04 33785067 Move to Gm20 WP
BARC_1.01_Gm05_30871172_T_C Gm05 30871172 BARC_1.01_Gm05_30910003_G_A Gm05 30910003 Move to Gm11 WP
BARC_1.01_Gm08_44242727_C_T Gm08 44242727 BARC_1.01_Gm08_44632488_A_G Gm08 44632488 Re-orient WP
BARC_1.01_Gm10_42894189_C_T Gm10 42894189 BARC_1.01_Gm10_43004105_A_C Gm10 43004105 Re-orient WP
BARC_1.01_Gm13_34645498_A_G Gm13 34645498 BARC_1.01_Gm13_34658945_C_A Gm13 34658945 Re-orient EW
BARC_1.01_Gm14_48713607_A_G Gm14 48713607 BARC_1.01_Gm14_48755126_G_A Gm14 48755126 Re-orient WP
BARC_1.01_Gm15_25823658_T_C Gm15 25823658 BARC_1.01_Gm15_36378430_A_G Gm15 36378430 Re-orient EW
BARC_1.01_Gm16_5856598_G_A Gm16 5856598 BARC_1.01_Gm16_5887676_G_A Gm16 5887676 Re-orient WP
BARC_1.01_Gm16_17407537_T_G Gm16 17407537 BARC_1.01_Gm16_22593496_G_A Gm16 22593496 Re-orient WP
BARC_1.01_Gm19_3021_T_C Gm19 3021 BARC_1.01_Gm19_567731_A_G Gm19 567731 Re-orient WP
BARC_1.01_Gm20_7082863_T_G Gm20 7082863 BARC_1.01_Gm20_7419439_G_A Gm20 7419439 Re-orient WP
BARC_1.01_Gm20_18531300_T_C Gm20 18531300 BARC_1.01_Gm20_7419439_G_A Gm20 20977430 Re-orient WP