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Fig. 4

From: Long read and single molecule DNA sequencing simplifies genome assembly and TAL effector gene analysis of Xanthomonas translucens

Fig. 4

Phenotypic difference between XT4699 and hrcC mutant. Panel a, third leaves of one-month-old Chinese Spring wheat plants were separately inoculated with XT4699, water, hrcC and complementation strain of hrcC by needleless syringe. The photo was taken at 4DPI. b WT and hrcC (OD600 = 0.2) strains were coated with 0.02 % Silwet L-77 and applied for the dip inoculation assays. Second leaves of 14-day-old Chinese Spring wheat plants were used for experiment. The photo was taken at 8DPI. C, the same inoculum, as in panel a, was infiltrated into leaves of two-month-old KY-14 tobacco plants. It was photographed at 8DPI

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