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Table 2 Pathways enriched for genes with increased frequency of mutations in the Progressor cohort (Differential > 5 %) compared to NonProgressors

From: IL-10 and integrin signaling pathways are associated with head and neck cancer progression

Pathway (Source) FDR adjusted P-value Gene Members
Pre-NOTCH Transcription and Translation (Reactome) 0.00853 CREBBP, NOTCH2, TP53*
Ion transport by P-type ATPases (Reactome) 0.00853 ATP10B, ATP2C1, ATP8B4**
ECM Receptor Interaction (KEGG) 0.0432 RELN, LAMA2, ITGA7
Glycosaminoglycan metabolism (Reactome) 0.049 CHSY3, CSGALNACT1, B3GNT7
  1. Bold indicates genes found mutated only in the Progressor cohort
  2. FDR false discovery rate
  3. *Same genes are also enriched in Pre-NOTCH Expression and Processing (Reactome, FDR adjusted P-value = 0.0125)
  4. **Same genes are also enriched in Ion Channel Transport (Reactome, FDR adjusted P-value =0.0183)