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Table 3 Pathways enriched for DE genes (Progressor vs NonProgressor) with CTCF Binding Sites

From: IL-10 and integrin signaling pathways are associated with head and neck cancer progression

Pathway (Source) FDR adjusted P-value Gene Members
Beta3 integrin Cell Surface Interactions (PID) 0.00524 FGG, FGB, VTN a
P130Cas linkage to MAPK signaling for Integrins (Reactome) 0.0107 FGG, FGB, VTN a
Response to Elevated Platelet Cytosolic CA2+ (Reactome) 0.0107 FGG, FGB, ALB
Fibrinolysis Pathway (Biocarta) 0.0107 FGG, FGB
  1. Bold indicates genes found mutated only in the Progressor cohort
  2. FDR false discovery rate
  3. aSame genes also enriched in Urokinase-type Plasminogen activator (uPA) and UPAR-mediated signaling (PID, FDR adjusted P-value = 0.00524); Beta1 integrin Cell Surface Interactions (PID, FDR adjusted P-value = 0.0107); Integrin Cell Surface Interactions (Reactome, FDR adjusted P-value = 0.0107)